How to Save Money on Domain Name Registration

Last year I had to do a little accounting for my startup, formerly a Delaware C-Corporation, and was shocked to discover that a large amount of my expenses for the year went toward registering domain names! At the moment I own 71 different domains, all bought with good intention, none purchased for the purpose of domain name squatting. Crazy right? That’s the thing about being creative in the web and mobile app business, you are going to have to work through many ideas only to have a few come to fruition. The end result? You end up purchasing 71 domain names a year!
So… I’ve discovered a little hack that I want to share with my internet friends on how to save money registering domains: Don’t purchase a .com (or worse an expensive .io) domain name first, start with a $0.99 .xyz domain. Then make sure to un-enroll in auto-renewal so you don’t get billed $15 or whatever when the new year rolls around. So there you have it. Save money buying $0.99 .xyz domains and your dollar will far 🙂