WARNING: POSSIBLE DNS SPOOFING DETECTED… what an annoying error message! This error tends to pop up whenever you point a domain name a new virtual server, or if you happen to rebuild an existing virtual server instance. Every few months or so I end up running into this problem, so I decided to write up a short little blog post on how to fix this for my own personal reference and to help others that may run into this problem. At the moment I’m using a Windows machine, so this blog post is going to be Windows specific:

  1. Type %USERPROFILE% into the address bar of the File Explorer program
  2. Then press the ENTER key
  3. Double click on the .ssh folder
  4. Open the known_hosts file with your text editor
  5. Delete the entry for your server/domain-name and save the file
  6. Close your command prompt program if it is still open, and then relaunch it
  7. Log in to your virtual server via ssh

Where is the known_hosts file for OpenSSH for Windows?