Making Your Own Rules in Startups & Life

“If you’re creative you can come up with your own damn dominance heirarchy, which is exactly what you’re doing if you’re creative. You spin up a game that’s your game, and then you make the rules. And that’s hard because if you make a new game with new rules it’s hard to monetize it. But you can be the best at playing that game. So that’s a huge advantage to being creative if you can pull it off.” — Dr. Jordan Peterson

Love this quote from Dr. Peterson about making your own rules and playing your own game in life. Personally, I abandoned the whole corporate rat race game sometime ago. However, I hadn’t really come up with a game to replace it until recently. But now I think I’ve discovered a new game that I can win: Be the person who creates and launches the most software into the world. In other words– be prolific. Create web and mobile apps that you personally use and have value regardless of whether or not anyone else uses them, and then launch those products out into the world as fast as possible.