Why You Should Never Register a Domain with Finnish Domain Name Extension (.fi)

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Well this is sort of a strange post, and I’m not sure if it will make any sense to anyone that happens to stumble upon it, but nevertheless, I have something to say about Finnish domain name extensions! I had this great idea the other day to create a web-app that saves all of your Google search queries so that you can blog about the answer after you find it. Think Quora, the question and answer site, except you answer all of your own questions.

Since I’m sort of into domain name hacks, I decided on the name proli.fi/c for my new blogging tool, as the idea for the tool is to greatly increase the number of blog posts that users of the tool write. However… several days later my Finnish domain, registered through 101domain.com, still isn’t ready to use! So if by any chance someone looking into registering a Finnish domain happens to stumble upon this post, don’t do it!
UPDATE: Eventually everything was resolved. For some reason 101domain.com needed to verify my date of birth with the Finns.