"Code is Power"– Naval Ravikant

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I was listening to this great talk by Naval Ravikant tonight on YouTube after arriving back home in Dallas from a long day trip to Austin and back to see my son, and was getting ready to go to bed, but Naval has me fired up! It’s 1:30AM and I’m off to 7/11 to pickup some diet energy drinks and ready to do some late night hacking, because “code is power”:

“What can you do? What can you do that’s different. What can you do that’s better? What can you do that maybe the rest of the world is not willing to do? And one thing I would argue that more so than any other point in the history of our society, code is power. It is the new literacy. The personal computer is the most powerful tool ever invented by mankind since maybe the fire or the stone axe. And I would put it above the steam engine. I would put it above flight. I would put it above cars. I would put it above electricity. The reason is that all those other things were group efforts. You needed somebody else’s permission to use those tools. Even the printing press. No individual could run the printing press on their own. Or you would have publishers in the way. The personal computer and the internet are the first time since the invention of fire or the stone axe where you can do it all by yourself with nobody else’s permission.” — Naval Ravikant