FatCamp: Win Bitcoin Cash Competing in 7 Day Fitness Challenges

Working on a new app idea called FatCamp that shares a lot of the code I’ve been writing for another project, WingsuitGP. Both of the apps are location based and revolve around competition, so the ideas are very much related when it comes to the code I’m having to write for both. I’m still sort of working the idea for FatCamp out in my head, but I wanted to jot down a few ideas here on the blog to help guide the creative process:
FatCamp: Win Bitcoin Cash Competing in 7 Day Fitness Challenges

  • The Challenge is simple, complete 5 workouts (bike or run) in 7 days and win BitcoinCash (100 mBCH)
  • Skip workouts, and we will fat shame you via text message reminding you to go work out
  • Accept Challenge
  • Start Workout
  • Receive BitcoinCash Prize Money via SMS with CoinText

Prize Money:

  • First 10 Users– 100mBCH ($12 Per User, $120 Per Week)
  • Next 100 Users– 10mBCH ($1.20 Per User, $120 Per Week)
  • Next 1000 Users– 1 mBCH ($0.12 Per User, $120 Per Week)

Paid Competitions:

  • Pay $12 – $120 Per Contest (Compete Against Strangers or Against Friends)
  • Friends (or Strangers) who miss workouts lose their entry fees, while those who don’t win money.

Inspiration: The Sober October Fitness Competition on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast
UPDATE: I took my prototype FatCamp iOS app on a run tonight using an arm band and it wasn’t a very good experience at all. While there may be many more potential iPhone users than Apple Watch users, I think the experience on the Apple Watch would be a lot better. I honestly did not enjoy jogging around with the clunky arm band. I think the next step going forward is going to be rewriting the FatCamp prototype as a watchOS app.