# TODO: Learn to Use MySQL with Python & Flask

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Just wanted to bookmark a great tutorial on: Creating a Web App From Scratch Using Python Flask and MySQL. Coming from a LAMP Stack background, I’d really like to keep using MySQL, so that’s what I plan on playing around with over the next couple days. Learning Python/Flask is coming along fairly well, and I think I’m almost to the point where I can actually start building some stuff.

UPDATE (3/20/2019): Made some good progress getting MySQL all setup on my local Windows 10 development machine tonight. Note to self– pick back up with the tutorial tomorrow @ Step 1: Setting Up the Database

UPDATE (3/20/2019): Pick back up @ Step 3: Implement a Signup method

UPDATE (3/21/2019): Resume tutorial @ Step 5: Call the MySQL Stored Procedure

CONCLUSION (3/21/2019): So I just finished the above tutorial, but unfortunately received an error when attempting to actually insert data into my MySQL database. I think the problem likely has something to do with “stored procedures.” I’ve never actually used a “stored procedure” before and honestly don’t really even know what it is or why I would want one, but… I think the tutorial was helpful. My main takeaway from the whole thing was that I should look more into this library called Flask-MySQL so I can really get this figured out. Right now I have two big things I need to learn:

  1. Using MySQL with Python & Flask
  2. Deploying my Flask Project Code to a Live Server Running Apache Web Server Software Instead of the Built-In Development Flask Server

FURTHERMORE (3/21/2019): There appear to be multiple python/mysql libraries, so I might check some of those out as well.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE (3/22/2019): I figured out how to INSERT data into my MySQL database using the mysql.connector Python library. Here is a link to my example webapp: Flask-Plus-MySQL

Right now the demo app only shows how to INSERT data into the database. However, I will make sure to improve the demo tomorrow so that it also shows how to SELECT data from the database and then display the data using a Jinja2 template.

LAST UPDATE (3/22/2019): Finished adding some code to the example app which demonstrates how to SELECT data from a MySQL database using Python (and Flask) and then present that data back to the user using the Jinja2 templating engine.