Dumping WordPress.com

As I mentioned in my previous post I’m looking into installing a WordPress plugin to make it easier for me to share computer code snippets here on the blog. However, when I looked in to doing this on WordPress.com, Automattic (WordPress.com’s parent company) wanted to increase my monthly payment from $4 to $25 a month! $25 seemed pretty steep to me, so I decided to move the whole site over from WordPress.com to my favorite IaaS provider, DigitalOcean. The move has actually been quite a bit of work, but I’m going to end up saving a lot of money. Instead of $25 a month I’m going to end up paying something like ~$8 per month for a cheap virtual server, a .blog domain extension, and an SSL certificate. Originally I planned on just dumping the whole SSL/HTTPS thing in favor of simple HTTP, but I don’t want to break all of my old https links that have already been indexed by Google. So… in conclusion… Goodbye WordPress.com, and hello self hosting with the power of open source software 🙂