Beating the Apple Card to Market: MoneyPhone Launching Memorial Day 2019

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On March 12th 2019 I began working on my latest project, MoneyPhone, a personal finance app that monitors your spending habits to help you save money. Two weeks later on March 25th I woke up to discover (while surfing YouTube) that Apple Inc. has been working on essentially the exact same app— Apple Card. At first I was a little bit upset by the news, but now it’s actually got me fired up. If one of the most valuable companies in the world happens to be working on the same app idea that I’m working on, it must be a good idea right?

Apple has announced that Apple Card will be launching this Summer, however, I just wanted to take the opportunity to announce here on my blog that I plan on beating Apple to market– launching MoneyPhone by Memorial Day (May 27th, 2019)! Watch out Apple, under-employed millennial in his parent’s basement is coming for you 😉