Fat Camp Revisited

Sometimes I like to use this blog to post notes to myself, sort of like a journal for the 21st century. And for this post, that’s what I want to do– bookmark a few interesting links that I think might help me build this idea I that I’ve had floating around for awhile now: Fat Camp.

What is Fat Camp? Essentially, I want to build a fitness competition app similar to the annual October fitness challenge as seen on the Joe Rogan Podcast, but instead of famous comedians from the show competing against each other, anyone can join the competition and lose weight.

I think this would be fairly easy to do with an Apple Watch, but I really want to be able to add weight lifting in to the app (and possibly a scale as well). While I suppose users could enter their reps into the app manually, I suspect that too many people would cheat for this to really work. However, I think I may have found a semi-suitable work-around in Android Things.

Prior to tonight I had never heard of Android Things, the IoT platform from Google. But apparently, Google has gone out and created an entire SDK for building IoT apps powered by a headless version of Android, and they even have a RaspberryPi powered prototyping kit to go with it! Pretty awesome huh?

Right now I have a lot on my plate, so I don’t think I will realistically have time to work on this at the moment. But at some point in the near future (next 5 years?) I would like to play around with this and see how far I can get:

  1. Android Things
  2. Get Started with Kits (Android Things)
  3. Android Things Starter Kit ($199)