Re-Launching MoneyPhone on Reddit

A couple of weeks ago I launched my new app, MoneyPhone, on Product Hunt. Sadly enough, but not surprisingly, I didn’t receive a single signup! Following my dud-of-a-launch, I wrote a pretty salty blog post titled Product Hunt Doesn’t Work. But tonight I’m ready to give this whole launch thing a second go, and am re-launching MoneyPhone on Reddit running a $100 ad campaign targeting users in the DFW and Austin areas over the next two days. Wish me luck!

UPDATE (5/7/2019): The Reddit ad campaign was a complete failure. Ran $29.27 worth of ads, received 88 clicks, and zero signups. Going to scratch Reddit off my list of traction channels, and try giving YouTube a go instead. Creating a YouTube ad is going to be a lot more work on my end, but hopefully I can create an ad that is somewhat effective. If Tai Lopez can do it, then I can do it!