Want to use TurboLinks in Your Python/Flask Application? You need Intercooler.js!

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Okay, so another click-baity SEO friendly title I know. This blog post would have been more appropriately titled, “Just Discovered Intercooler.js, It’s like TurboLinks/StimulusJS Except You Don’t Need Rails.” Anyway, wanted to make sure I bookmarked this here on the blog because I’m definitely going to use this to turn my web-app into an SPA (Single Page Application) without having to re-write everything and learn React etc. Furthermore, I have a few other sweet links I need to bookmark as well. After I bolt Intercooler.js onto MoneyPhone.app, I think I will be able to use PhoneGap/Apache-Cordova along with OnsenUI to create a pretty decent Hybrid Mobile App for MoneyPhone.app that I’ll be able to publish on the App Store & Google Play Store.

Not sure if anyone else on the ole interwebs is ever going to see this, but if you happened to Google something like “can I use TurboLinks in my Python/Flask application,” I hope this blog post has helped point you in the right direction!