Marketing Like Mike Lindell

After launching about a month ago, I’ve been having the hardest time trying to market it. If you don’t happen to follow my blog, is a personal finance application that I built to help me better manage my money. Essentially the app lets you know exactly how much money you’re bringing in each month, how much you’re spending, and most importantly, where all your money is going! In my first month of using the prototype I saved $600 by cutting out wasteful spending that I identified by using the app.

However, I still haven’t figured out how to get people to use the thing! I know it’s good because I literally use it everyday. And it’s already saved me a ton of money, and I know couldn’t live without it having used it for the past month or so.

At work I can’t shut up about the thing, and how I’ve been having trouble attracting users, so my boss (who doesn’t wish to be named here on the blog) offered to help me with marketing. Her two main suggestions were creating a better YouTube Ad (mine was pretty terrible), and improving my non-existent landing page so that it includes basic stuff like (who, what, where, when, why, etc.)

While the animated infomercial that my boss created was a whole lot better than the crummy video that I shot on my Moto G4 smartphone, I kind of want to shoot a commercial in the style of Mike Lindell, creator of MyPillow. For years I’ve been obsessed with this Mike Lindell guy, and TV pitchmen in general for that matter. But unlike other pitchmen, Mike Lindell is actually the guy. I mean, he is MyPillow essentially.

So that’s what I think I want to do going forward. I’m going to try and go full Mike Lindell and become the guy.