Re-Writing MoneyPhone with Framework7 and a RESTful Web API using Python and Flask

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Feeling pretty sleepy and about to nod off for the night. However I wanted to bookmark a few things here on the blog so I remember where to pickup on my day off getting started on the first big re-write of my app, MoneyPhone. For the first version of MoneyPhone I used TurboLinks.js to give the app the look and feel of a single page application, but actually did all of the rendering server-side using Flask to spit out HTML & JavaScript which was then loaded via AJAX using TurboLinks, giving the appearance of a single page application. However, for this new re-write I would really like to use Framework7 to build the UI. Unfortunately, it appears Framework7 is a real honest to god single page application web framework, so this time around I’m going to need my server to spit out JSON data instead of HTML and JavaScript. Luckily, it appears doing this with Python and Flask using simple dictionaries and the Response class which comes with Flask appears to be relatively simple and straight forward:

# TODO: Learn Framework7

# TODO: Implement a RESTful Web API with Python & Flask