Wrapping up my Multiplayer PhaserJS/Socket.io Project, and Moving on to Photon

Just finished up with the multiplayer PhaserJS/Socket.io tutorial that I’ve been following along with and using in one of my classes that I teach. If you want to check out the finished project it’s hosted here => http://multiplayerdemo.xyz

I personally was really excited about playing around with NodeJS & Express & Socket.io, but my student happens to be really good at Unity3D and has happened to find a serverless platform-as-a-service style option for multiplayer called Photon that he really likes so… looks like it’s time to learn Photon!

I still don’t know exactly what all of our options are as far as multiplayer client-server options go, but apparently people have a lot of good things to say about Photon Unity 3D Networking (PUN).