Cameron Moorehead’s Tutorial on Coding Your Own Modals in ReactJS

This is going to be a pretty quick blog post tonight for my own personal reference. Normally I would like to post my own little tutorials and bug fixes for various programming related topics, but for this post I really just want to bookmark Cameron Moorehead’s excellent tutorial on coding your own modals in ReactJS.

In the past I have used other developers modals in my projects by downloading various plugins. However, in the last version of my app, MoneyPhone, the modal I used caused some nasty issues whenever I needed to transition to a new page in the app using Turbolinks. And since the workaround I ultimately came up with was quit ugly, this time around I’m going to give creating my own simple modals a try!

So, big shout out to Cameron Moorehead! I think I could have figured out how to accomplish this on my own, but his tutorial will probably save me at least a full day of fumbling around with CSS. So without further ado => Implementing a Simple Modal Component in React