A Working Example of React Native Navigation External Components

Today I happen to be taking another stab at experimenting with External Component’s for my organization’s React Native Navigation app, and I found myself digging through my GitHub repos for the working example app I created demonstrating how to add External Component’s to a React Native Navigation app. So I thought maybe I should write up a quick blog post on the topic for my own personal reference or to possibly help someone else out there trying to figure this out.

First, I must say that I didn’t actually write this example app! For the most part, the code all comes from Wix’s “playground” app contained in the main React Native Navigation GitHub repo. However, I found that Wix’s documentation for how to add External Component’s wasn’t really all that helpful, and I couldn’t get the actual “playground” app to compile on my machine. Thus the need for this blog post and my example app.

So pretty much what I have is a fairly bare React-Native app that I created using react-native init. Then, I referenced Wix’s “playground” app’s source code and added the logic to my example app. This was how I was able to get all of this to work. So if you also are having a hard time getting External Component’s to work by referencing the docs, and also can’t get the playground app to compile, check out my example app on GitHub: RNNExternalComponentApp