TODO: Setup a WordPress Blog Hosted Under a Route, /blog, on Flask Website

This isn’t going to be much of a blog post, but I just wanted to bookmark this helpful StackOverflow post on how to setup a WordPress blog which is hosted under a route, /blog, on my Flask site: Proxying to another webservice with Flask

The easy way to host a WordPress blog on a website powered by Flask, Node/Express, Ruby on Rails, etc etc is to simply host the WordPress blog on a subdomain such as However, Google treats subdomains as separate websites! So this kind of defeats the purpose of adding a blog to your site to try and boost it’s SEO rankings. So…

I’m going to try following some of the ideas proposed on the link above and see if I can get this to work on my Flask site.

I’ve been running into a lot of strange SEO problem recently. Another issue is ReactJS and SEO. I’d really like to use React on my site, but I don’t think I can without hurting SEO. (I think React does offer a server side rendering option for this, but you have to use NodeJS instead of Flask). Anyway I’m getting kind of sleepy and rambling now. Goodnight.