Roblox Development Links

I’m laid up in the hospital right now with a broken femur (skydiving accident) and I’m trying to teach myself a little Roblox development. Roblox’s website has tons of great resources, but I don’t think it’s all that well organized. So I just wanted to write this really quick blog post to jot down the links that I have for getting started with Roblox development. Here are my links so far (will update as I learn more):

Roblox Docs (Use Slide Out Hamburger Menu):

Docs > Engine > Guides:

Docs > Engine > Tutorials:

Docs > Engine > Reference:

Docs > Engine > Resources:

Docs > Engine > Art:

Docs > Engine > Design:


Tutorials[Environmental Art]:

Docs > Engine > Guides > Coding Fundamentals:

And last, there is “Introduction to Scripting.” This is the best part of the docs in my opinion for learning how to build real Roblox games that use code. I had a hard time rediscovering this section, but here’s the link: