Coworking & Virtual Office Space? Startups & Keeping Up Appearances

Another short post here with a little information that I want to bookmark. About a month ago I launched a new personal finance app called to help me better manage my money. The app works great, but has been a complete dud with the public. The main problem so far has been convincing people to link up their bank accounts to my site using Plaid’s banking api. People seems to think my site is some sort of Russian phishing farm or something.

While I’m not one for “keeping up appearances” and tend to value substance over the superficial, I think I need to do the opposite in this case if I want to win over users. Therefore, this Summer I plan on incorporating my startup to add a little legitimacy to the whole thing, and possibly more importantly, it’s time to get a real (Dallas) address!

After doing a little research this morning I found where for $200 per month or so I can get a virtual office address here in Dallas, and also some limited co-working access to the same location. I think this could go along way towards adding credibility to my endeavor. So instead of having my website footer read “Christopher Pedersen dba. MoneyPhone (c) 2019,” it will look something more like “MoneyPhone Inc. (c) 2019, 2345 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75022.”