Having Second Thoughts About Framework7

Okay, so here is the problem I’m running into with Framework7: It isn’t obvious from reading the documentation how to create a single page application using Framework7 and VanillaJS. If you want to use React or Vue I believe you would just build your app however you would normally build a React or Vue application just using Framework7 components. However, if you are using VanilljaJS I can’t quite figure out how to go about integrating Framework7 into my project. Hmm… sort of stumped at the moment.

One answer would be to simply learn React. However, if I go ahead and learn react I might as well just start using React Native and ditch Framework7 altogether. Same thing with Ionic. Why learn AngularJS to use Ionic when I could just learn React Native?

So this is what I think I might try for now. Going to consider giving Ratchet a try even though it looks old, and use that to push out the redesigned version of the mobile app. Going with Ratchet I ought to be able to ship the updated version of the app quickly without having to learn a crazy amount of new technology, and I also should be able to reuse a lot of my existing codebase.

After I ship the new version of the app, I can abandon Apache Cordova and HTML5 for good, buy a new $1,500 mac mini, and dive into React and React Native and never look back!