SOLVED: How much do non-skippable in-stream YouTube ads cost on a CPM basis?

Struggling to find some basic estimates on how much your non-skippable in-stream YouTube ads are going to cost on a CPM basis? Finding recent CPM figures can be really tough! This morning I was trying to figure out how much it might cost to run some non-skippable ads on YouTube to promote my new budgeting app, BitBudget, and I was having the hardest time finding any actual figures. Well without further ado, here is the figure I found: $13

If you want to run your ads in the United States targeting 25 – 44 year olds $13 is what Google suggests it’s going to take to submit a competitive bid. How do I know this? Well I was fumbling around in the Google Ads manager and I noticed while trying to create a fake test campaign that a little yellow warning will display inside the manager if you enter too low of a CPM bid. I started at $10, and that’s when I first noticed the little yellow warning. However, after incrementing my bid one dollar at a time the warning dialog disappeared when I got to $13. So there you have it!

If you’re looking to set a competitive CPM bid for the pricier non-skippable variety of YouTube ads, $13 is a good starting point.

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