What is Adaware Secure Search and How do I Remove it from Firefox?

I noticed that the default search engine and homepage in my Firefox web browser recently changed from Google to some super sketch search engine called Adaware Secure Search from a company called Lavasoft. And since you’re reading this blog post on the topic, I assume you are currently running into the same issue and are equally perplexed. Well fret not internet friend! I have your answers right here:

First, to get rid of Adaware just download Malwarebytes from malwarebytes.com. No need to purchase a subscription or anything, just use the free version. Run the scan, and let Malwarebytes do it’s thing.

Second, after running Malwarebytes you’ll discover the source of this Adaware malware garbage: FileZilla! (The FTP Program) Now if you aren’t a user of FileZilla FTP, it’s possible Lavasoft is distributing their malware through other free software in addition to FileZilla. But in my case, FileZilla was the culprit. With that being said, I still really like FileZilla as an FTP client. But it is kind of sad that they’ve resorted to installing crap like that make money.

Third, click on Options -> Home -> Restore Defaults to remove Adware Secure Search from your homepage.

So there you have it! FileZilla is guilty, Malwarebytes has the fix you are looking for, and last make sure to go to Options -> Home and click Restore Defaults to reset your homepage. 👍